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The general conditions of confidentiality detailed hereafter, exclusively govern the contractual relations between every user of AviationMaintenanceJobs.com website and Part66-engineers.eu, both parties agreeing without reserve. When clicking on the « Subscribe and/or Login », you consequently accept them without reserve.
I. Use of your account:

All information collected on this website are exclusively intended to the purpose of your registration as a member of "Engineers Account" and "Recruiters / Training Centres Account", as well as for the proper functioning of personalized services associated with it. AviationMaintenanceJobs.com will respect the privacy of its users and customers alike and shall comply with applicable laws on the protection of privacy and individual liberties. Part66engineers.eu shall also commit itself not to disclose any private data to any third party without the user's consent.

Access to "Account" is done by means of user name (email address) and a password which was asked at registration. Should you have forgotten the latter, an email will be sent to you with these enclosed by simply clicking on the link available on AviationMaintenanceJobs.com website identification page.

II. Jobseekers CV account duration and data retention:
We would like to inform you that the information concerning your engineer account will be will be stored indefinitely on AviationMaintenanceJobs.com. The validity, visibility and deletion of your registration as Jobseekers CV Account is at your sole discretion via your Jobseeker account.
III. Recruiters / Training centres account duration and data retention:
We would like to inform you that the information concerning your Recruiters / Training centres account will be stored indefinitely on AviationMaintenanceJobs.com .The validity of your registration as Recruiters / Training Centres Account is at your sole discretion.
IV. Recruiters post and CV database area:
Upon subscription, Recruiters / Training Centre can place advertisements by accessing their employer's account, using their individual username and password. AviationMaintenanceJobs.com provides easy and free advertising system for aviation jobs and trainings opportunities. Job Adverts are shown on the site for 30 calendar days and Trainings Adverts are shown on the site for 45 calendar days. During those validity period, the adverts will be accessible in your employer's account via the link Active Post, and then past those validity périod, the adverts are stored indefinitely on Part66-engineers.eu database and are accessible via your Recruiters / Training Centres account via historic post link.
Part66-engineers.eu reserves the right to increase its charges, provided such charges cannot be increase no more than once in any 12 month period. Part66-engineers.eu will give the customer written notice of any such increase 2 months before the proposed date of the increase.

The access of our CV database search page is unlimited.
To have access to CV Database search page recruiters must have a minimum of one active Post job opportunity.
In case of misconduct (fraud and/or abuse) Part66-engineers.eu reserves the right to modify this unlimited access.
V. Users' rights:
In accordance with the « Data Protection and Freedom » law of January 6th, 1978, you may access, alter, rectify or delete any data concerning your account(s), by contacting us via Email specifying your username, e-mail address and password. Alteration and deletion of your data will then be applied throughout our database and shall consequently be definitive.
VI. Illicit contents:
In order to protect the contents of this website and its users, Part66-engineers.eu shall have the right to delete and/or modify any content not in relation with the purpose of this website or against the law. And so, Part66-engineers.eu may carry out an electronic surveillance to spot any contentious content. As Part66-engineers.eu is neither able to technically ensure a full screening of the website log-ins, or systematically control all the contents entered by its users, an Alert option is then kept at your disposal: «Contact», enabling any user aware of a misconduct, to inform the website. Part66-engineers.eu will commit itself to sanction the culprit by deleting his/her account within twenty-four (24) hours.

Users shall commit themselves:

- Not to harm directly or indirectly any other user of this website (religious and/or racial prejudices, etc...).
- Not to harm or modify this website in any way.
- Not to hamper or prevent any proper use of this website.

The spreading of scripts or viruses with the intention of disrupting or destroying software and/or equipment is prohibited and may result in severe criminal and civil penalties.
VII. Data Protection and Server Security:
The website servers are highly secured, with service provided by a major network provider 24/7,  365 days. Access is limited to authorize personnel and are frequently examined. The website is protected against unauthorised access using the latest security devices, firewall network and DDoS protection.
VIII. Copyright:
This website and all of its content, including texts, motionless or animated images, logos, database, programs, or any part of it, are Copyright ©  part66-engineers.eu all rights reserved. Part66-engineers are only granting it's users to view or print (L. 122-5 2° section of the Code of Intellectual Property) its content for personal and private use as long as you are the legitimate and final user. Creation of a hypertext link on this website is authorize for the sole purpose of having a page opened in a new window of the browser (without frames): https://www.aviationmaintenancejobs.com/ (Home page)

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